Anonymous asked: "how did you convert the video? No software of mine can play f4f videos :("

actually i didn’t download the video, i just recorded it with a screen recording software (bandicam)

posted 1 year ago

elizabthmontgomery asked: "is that latest post a Warehouse dvd extra or just an interview thing on Youtube or something?"

here :)

sumaulus asked: "Hi! If you don't mind, what program did you use to download that syfy clip?"

Hi :) I didn’t download it, I used a screen recording software (bandicam)

posted 2 years ago

fangirlinit asked: "Do you know where I can find the footage of the recent gifs you posted (the Joanne "neck porn" gifs;))? It looks like a comic con interview from this year."

sure, here :)

prolethean asked: "yarly I want to kiss them all on the forehead and tuck them into my back pocket to carry everywhere with me."

lol thanks ;)